Robot Manufacturers’ Certifications

Courses will be conducted by instructors certified by each robot manufacturer to their corporate standards. Training will consist of classroom instruction combined with hands-on training (normally 2-student-per-robot ratio) using the same curriculum as the robot companies training academy.

Other classes are available based on request and demand.

  • Motoman

  • Complete registration on Motoman’s website.

    To view our Yaskawa Motoman courses:

    1. Visit the Yaskawa Motoman Robotics Training website
    2. Under Course Location, choose Offsite – Regional Training Facility
    3. Under Controller, choose DX200

  • ABB

  • Complete registration on ABB’s Website

    To view our ABB robotics courses:

    1. Visit the ABB Robotics Training Website
    2. Click on “Training program”
    3. Scroll down to Training Links
    4. Click on “Click here to enroll in a course”
    5. Under Location, type: Motlow State. Do not hit Enter. It will take several seconds to load Motlow’s courses.